WHY BADASS? How to Become a Badass?

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1) Invest in Yourself Frst.
Past high school or college, most of us don’t think about carrying on with learning, which is a shame. What skills can you learn to help you to achieve your goals? Instead of wasting time reading gossip magazines, look at books that can teach you valuable things or audio books to make your daily commute easier and more fruitful. Always invest in yourself first.
2) Do The Shit You Love.
Life is over quickly.
While you’re here, do some totally awesome stuff. Now, I don’t know what that is for you—maybe it’s climbing mountains, surfing, starting businesses, or just sitting around writing about stuff that’s important to you. Maybe it’s one thing, a bunch of things, or always something new.
Whatever it is, whether as a career, hobby, or just random adventures in awesomeness, spend as much time as possible doing the shit you love.
3) Drop the mask.
Just be yourself.
If you aren’t, others will know it, and more important, you’ll know, and hate yourself for it.
And what’s awesome is that being you is the one thing you can do better than anyone else in this entire world.
4) Always be learning
Read books, listen to audiobooks, take courses, read blogs, work with coaches and mentors, and model others who are doing things that you wanna know how to do. These days you can find the answers to whatever you need, as well as the guidance, and oftentimes for free. Information is everywhere.
Choose which actions to take from what you’ve learned, and take them with everything in you.
(You can make many mistakes in this way. Don't be afraid and learn from your mistakes.)
5) Never relent!
Life will try to beat you down, others will try and take what you have, and your own mind will tell you that you’re not good enough, but…
…set your sights, move forward, and keep punching.
6) Be Relax
Nobody likes an uptight person. That’s a given.
But for a guy, if you can’t relax, it means you constantly worry and stress out over every little thing. When a guy does that, it directly affects those around him.
Note: This is how a lot of bosses, supervisors and managers are considered bad and treat their employees badly.
A real man knows how to relax, that means to say he is able to accept the fact that things can go wrong. And he is prepared to take it on.
7) How to Talk to a Girl?
To put it bluntly, when a guy doesn’t know how to talk to a girl, they start worrying about everything else and end up looking stupid.
This is when they ask, “If I add her on Facebook, will I look like a stalker?”
“If I like her picture on Instagram, will I look too desperate?”
“I hope she can smell my new cologne as I hover around the bar.”
And the problem is most guys think this is okay other guys are doing the same i.e. wait for her to make the move.
Love and romance may happen naturally like a natural force, but there’s no reason why you can’t take action anyway. Just do it guys.
At least prevent the aforementioned embarrassing scenarios.
8) Take Action in Spite Of Fear
One of the most powerful pieces of advice I was ever given was to take action in spite of fear, rather than waiting for it to go away. When you are living an exciting life, there will always be an element of fear involved as you have new experiences. Rather than let it stop you, remember that you are uncomfortable because you are simply traveling out of your comfort zone, which is positive.
9) Stop Talking, Start Doing.
One of the best ways to stay stuck in your life is to constantly talk about things and never take action. If you want to really change your life or achieve big goal, then commit to being someone who takes big action and talks about it after rather than the other way around.
10) Enjoy The Ride…It’s Short
Seriously…we’re all gonna be dead soon anyway, at least the you and me as we know ourselves to be right now—so live it up and have a helluva good time while you’re here and stay badass.
WRITTEN BY Metehan Karademir from Badass Army

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